Darcie Graham

A year ago, Lauren Snook marched (she kinda marches - purposeful. Plus she was wearing tartan - automatically marchy) into Hyper Island, to lead us in a two-day service design workshop.

She had me at hello.

Long story short, by the time she’d even finished introducing Snook, the company she’d co-founded, and especially their commitment to doing it in Scotland, she’d managed to make so many of the ways I felt about work, and the world, just come together. Cheesy, but true. 

Anyhow, I wasn’t the only one she sparked. For not the same, but definitely similar reasons, my Hyper bud Jo caught it too.

(Me and Jo facts: usual with Hyper, we were from different places and became Hyper buds, not so usually we ended up Snookster buds, and, highly unusually, she’s now my sister’s flatmate. So we’re practically related.)

And it’s with a mix of sisterly pride and jealousy that I’ve been stalking her adventure back to the mothership this week - including her presentation in the video above - this time alongside Lauren, as a former Hyper and current Snook-er. What a mix. 

Lucky lucky lucky IAD13

At risk of sounding like a tourist and/or a blowhole… WELCOME TO AMERICA. (And a wee bit of Canada.)

The flying. OH THE FLYING. Was NOT prepared.

Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle so far. Seven of those in the last two weeks. My body hates me, my skin DEFINITELY hates me. Sometimes I only see the airport, sometimes I only see the hotel, sometimes I see some sights, and sometimes - ONLY SOMETIMES - I find myself breaking my own rule (no Irish bars outside Ireland), and drinking a Guinness, listening to Van the Man, standing under a Belfast Giants flag while having a great chat with Francey from Newry

America is really big. WELCOME.

Kimberley Street @ Household Belfast. AKA stalking art from afar.

This weekend, some fabulous creative people in Belfast are putting on a contemporary arts festival celebrating the even BIGGER number of fabulous creative people living in the Ormeau area - Household Belfast. They describe the thinking behind it here, and there’s a little video from the news here (it’s an fb vid so soz if it doesn’t work), but basically they’re giving visitors the chance “experience new work in unrestricted non-commercial and non-institutionalised contexts by inviting members of the public into selected artists’ homes.”

Anyway - one of those selected artists is my friend Lyndsey, throwing open the doors to her house on Kimberley Street, and curating a show around the concept of Collect & Display and how quite often, our best ideas come out at home. There’s details on all the contributing artists here, including Claire Miskimmin & me who teamed up on a photo projection project - Punk and Post to [ ]. 

Claire’s been on the ground at Kimberley Street capturing gorgeous people and the photos they used as backdrops, and some of the shots from that, and the shots we submitted, are below, and also all collected here.

Everyone involved has been amazing, and I’ve had fun stalking art from afar. 

from Claire Miskimmin

from me

from the show

Big in Japan

A lot of people used to come and visit us at Hyper Island, possibly to try and figure out:

a) was it an actual island (my nana still thinks this),
b) what the hell we did there (good luck with that one),
c) was Sweden as nice and as expensive as they’d heard (yes, and yes), 
d) was ability to skateboard around while on a macbook skype call an entrance requirement (no, but def extra points).

Anyway, one day some Japanese people came to visit, and the story they wrote is here. You can google translate and get the jist - EXCEPT for the header (above) which could really say anything at all. So sorry if it’s rude Japan.

Last day @hyperisland, sharing all our #IAD12 highs & lows. It’s really not as sad as it looks - we’re pretty class. (Taken with Instagram at Hyper Island)

Last day @hyperisland, sharing all our #IAD12 highs & lows. It’s really not as sad as it looks - we’re pretty class. (Taken with Instagram at Hyper Island)

Darcie Graham

Well isn’t this lovely? One of my favourite projects from last year, and maybe I’m a bit sentimental (I am) but I think it’s gorgeous. It’s an ad for Northern Ireland in 2012, as part of a wider effort - this year and previously - to celebrate, promote and yeah sell the weird little place. There’s also a lovely events site - ni2012.com

AVB, my lovely former worky place, has some more on the film & campaign - they say lots of things about being excited and being proud and I agree with all of them. 

Also read this article in the FT about the launch in London. It has this bit about Robinson & McGuinness - “Robinson said the venue (St James’s Palace) had been McGuinness’s second choice. “His first choice was Buckingham Palace but it wasn’t free.” - bit diggy, but it’s quite cute. Bless them.

Our time, our place eh? And I would be living in another bloody country…